Pawjoy started as a passion business and has finally been received a lot great responses from our loyal customers & supporters to sustain our business operation. In July 2017, we secretly started a little Dog Rescue Project to raise money for Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue (IG @@okbulldogrescue) together with our friend @gusthemeatball. We managed to raise about $100 proceeds from selling our hot product - Pet Pillow Keychain 

Thus, we decided to continue to embark on our journey to help more pet rescue centre across the world and bring more awareness to the rescue centre. 

Our PJRescue Project raises funds through selling our own line of handmade products, wholesale sales to other pet related brands, and direct donations, and uses 30% of proceeds for the following purposes:

1. Raising Awareness to the General population about the pet rescue centre and their needs.

2. Using paid marketing to drive traffic to likeminded communities/causes/movements around the world who are also trying their best to make a difference.

3. Directly donating proceeds to various likeminded causes that we support. A list of causes that we currently support will be listed below with a direct link to their website.


Here is a list of the Causes we currently support or raise funds for donation. If you would like to find out more about how you can help this world wide cause outside of our website, please check out some of these causes:

1. Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue - (product link) 

- Target raise amount



Thank you so much for visiting our website and doing your part in supporting this world wide cause! You have no idea how much something like a simple share can do :)

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Surprise gift for kitty

The pillow was perfectly done, perfect fabric, perfect material! Love it

Best pillow ever

The size is great, very realistic pillow. Love it !


A friend of mine introduced me about the pillow. It is so comfortable and the printing turned out good too

Amazing and healing

I have some very close friends who I feel like are part of my family. Their beloved dog passed away fairly unexpectedly and I had a pillow made for the two kids(12&13yo) and keychains for the parents. It was a little pricey but I knew it would be worth can’t put a price on sentimental! The face of those kids when I handed the pillow over and said “Now you can have Turtle In the bed with you every night to snuggle with”. They saw them and hugged them and one cried into the pillow with emotion. They were all so appreciative& LOVED them...It was worth.every.penny!

It looks real

Pillow is very realistic and cute. 100% same with the picture i sent