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Toyger Cat Pillow

From $24.00

Toyger Cat Pillow

From $24.00

Toyger Cat Pillow

From $24.00

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Purchased for my son who loves to take his favorite pal everywhere, which sometimes isn’t feasible. This was the perfect (and cutest) solution!

Amazing job!

I purchased a small pillow of my family cat that had recently passed away. The pillow was incredibly high quality and very soft. Now our baby can be with us all the time

Absolutely 100% impressed

I bought this for my niece and she absolutely loved it. The photo I had submitted was not a full photo and I didn’t have a better one since the kitty had recently passed. But they filled in the missing parts (one of the feet and part of an ear) and you can’t even tell that they were missing in the first place.

So unique and great quality!

We gave these pillows to our son who left for college. Two pups and one bearded dragon. He loved them! Super soft and great image quality. We highly recommend them! Very unique and much better quality then others I have seen!

A special pillow to cherish!

I’m in love with my personalized reversible sequins pillow. It’s a perfect accent pillow on my sofa. The color is great & the reversible surprise is fun. My friends think it’s so adorable that they want one too. Thank you so much!