Top 20 Popular Instagram Dogs Account You Need to Be Following in 2018

Apr 26, 18
Top 20 Popular Instagram Dogs Account You Need to Be Following in 2018

Dogs are new stars of social media today. They post photos, share videos and apparently most of us love it. Some have their own books while another is featuring in pop star’s music videos. One is described as the best dog in the world while other is known as the world’s cutest puppy.

While each one of these famous dogs has different characters and features, all have a considerable number of followers on Instagram. Every post has the potential to go viral with thousands of likes. Here you will find 20 of the most popular dogs you need to be following in 2018. With up to millions of followers they have already become real phenomenon in our pop culture.

1) itsdougthepug

Doug The Pug is one of the most famous dogs in the world. He is officially an internet phenomenon with more than 6 million followers and 10 billion video view. He made multiple public appearances with celebrities including Justin Bieber and Meghan Trainor. He also has a book Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture. He has a net worth exceeding $500,000 in 2017.

2) tunameltsmyheart 

Tuna is a 7-year-old Chiweenie who was rescued by Courtney Dasher in December of 2010. By the end, 2012 Tuna’s reputation grew in Instagram. He has over 1.9 million followers on Instagram. People find Tuna’s pictures showcasing his cartoonish looks and his charming personality rather charming. As Tuna is a great example of the underdog, most people love him for his endearing qualities. 

3) Lokistagram 

Loki, an Instagram phenomenon nearly 700,000 followers got sick with kidney disease in 2017. His sickness got worse and ended up in hospital. Despite more than $34,000 were collected in a donation, unfortunately, he passed away.

4) manny_the_frenchie

Manny the Frenchie, a 7-year-old French bulldog became an internet celebrity with his pictures posted on different social media sites. He currently has more than 1,1 million followers on Instagram with more than 1,4 million likes on Facebook. Manny was awarded The CW's World Dog Award for Most Popular and Influential dog in 2016. 

5) 3bulldogges 

The name 3Bulldogges comes from the 3 original French Bulldogs named Sumo, Buddha and Ayumi. Buddha passed away due to complications after an injection. A few months later another bulldog, Tonka was added to the mix. These Instagram triples have more than 270,000 followers on Instagram.

6) toastmeetsworld 

Toast was known as the world’s first dog supermodel and anti-puppymill advocate. She was rescued from a Puppy Mill in North Carolina in 2011. Her Instagram has more than 370,000 followers where, after she passed away, her sisters Muppet, Pants and Cheese continue on her legacy.

7) Thiswildidea 

The story of Maddie with Theron Humphrey, a photographer, has its roots with a picture where Maddies was standing on it. They traveled around the country and Maddie stood on different things such as trees, people, signs, etc. Their Instagram has 1,2 million followers.

8) trotterpup 

The hipster French bulldog Trott is known for being a natural model in front of the camera. She has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram. She became one of the first dog stars on social media as The Fluffington Post described her as “The Most Fashionable Pup on Instagram.

9) barkleysircharles 

Sir Charles Barkley the French Bulldog has posts on Instagram since he was just a few weeks old. He currently has just under 480,000 followers. He is currently ranked #25 out of 590 animal influencers on website Fur Card.

10) digbyvanwinkle 

Digby Van Winkle is from New Zealand. As a natural born star, he loves parading costumes and loves to cuddle. He has 260,000 followers on Instagram. He is also seen as the coolest dog on the internet. He sometimes comes out artistic, another time he is a rockstar.

11) susiesseniordogs 

While working on a project called “Humans of New York”, Brandon Stanton met an elderly dog Susie and adopted her. Inspired by his experience of adopting a senior dog his girlfriend started a campaign called “Susie’s Senior Dogs” to help other senior dogs find homes. Being a symbol of this project Susie has 280,000 followers on her Instagram.

12) marutaro 

Maru, a Shiba Inu of Japan is described as the best dog in the world. He is friendly, teaching, cute, loving and universal. He was Instagram’s most famous dog with more than 2,6 million followers. His squinty-eyed grin has been viral on the internet.

13) jiffpom 

Currently, by far the most famous dog in the world Jiffpom, the Pomeranian, has more than 8,5 million followers on Instagram. A three-time Guinness World Record holder, JiffPom also has his very own website. He likes to dress up and do cute things and has the title to be the fastest dog on two paws He was featured in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse" music video. He’s also popular on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, even human celebrities trying to get selfies with him. 


Dean The Basset was born in southern Ontario and is proudly Canadian. Droopy-eyed hound darling likes to watch Netflix. He looks ridiculously cute in different kinds of costumes posted online. He has almost 230,000 followers on Instagram.

15) bearcoat_tonkey
The super fluffy Shar Pei Meet Tonkey is usually described as the world’s cutest puppy. Each of his selfies won thousands of likes, heart emojis and love from her fans. He has 375,000 followers as some of his posts collect more than 100,000 likes.


Harlow and Sage (and Indiana) are three dogs who shook Instagram. When their photos were first posted in March 2013 their followers became obsessed with their photos. It became viral in September 2013 when Sage died and Indiana came along. Currently, they have 1,6 million followers on Instagram.

17) noelaniig 

Noelani Guerrero is amongst the most famous animal lovers as she has five Pit Bull mixes herself. Defining herself as a mom who has lots of dogs and fosters lots of dogs, she has more than 460,000 followers. Her Pit Bull Mixes are Indy, Malachi, Maybe, Nala, and Angel.

18) frank_the_funnyfrenchie 

A French Bulldog, Frank the Funny Frenchie has more than 420,000 followers on Instagram. He is also ranked #26 out of 590 animal influencers on Fur Card website.

19) norbertthedog 

Norbert is a mixed breed Chihuahua, Cairn Terrier & Lhasa Apso. He was born in California. After passing the tests at age one he became a registered therapy dog. His book, Norbert: What Can Little Me Do? won 9 prestigious book awards and became the first in a series. He has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram.

20) roofusandkilo 

The story when with Candice Miller’s son brought home Roofus, the first pit to enter her household. Later she found Kilo the pit bull who was about to die at a local animal shelter. She has adopted and rescued 6 dogs so far. She has more than 420,000 followers on Instagram.

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