Top 15 Famous Instagram Cats in 2020

Jun 23, 20
Top 15 Famous Instagram Cats in 2020


Cats have taken Instagram by storm! There are plenty of cute and cuddly feline friends for you to follow on the social media site, but we've narrowed down fifteen of the best ones.

Cheeto - @princesscheeto

Cheeto is probably the coolest cat on Instagram. She poses with creative props like cotton candy, cute hats, and her best friend, Nacho.


Venus - @venustwofacecat

Venus is a unique cat; half of her face is ginger, with one blue eye, and the other half is black, with one green eye. Her appearance is so different that it's made her famous!


P - @peanytodd

Another unique-looking cat, adopted P has only one eye and a cute snaggle tooth that makes her look ultra-loveable.


Hosico - @hosico_cat

Hosico is a chubby ginger cat with incredible engagement and good vibes all around. His owner will occasionally set up fun obstacle courses for him to traverse.


Nala - @nala_cat

Nala the cat is Guinness World Record holder! She holds the record for the cat with the most Instagram followers, and you can see why! Her gray theme is lovely, and her best friend Luna joins her in some posts for double the cuteness!

The Cats of @makicocomo  - @makicocomo

This eclectic group of endearing cats appears alongside their human siblings and various household objects in an enchanting homemade-feel account.

Shishi-Maru - @emonemon

Shishi-Maru is a Scottish fold cat with beautiful folded ears and a penchant for sitting in boxes and giving the camera her iconic grumpy expressions.


Richard - @richard_kitty

Richard is a ten-year-old cat with heterochromia: a condition that makes his eyes two different colours. He often helps his owner raise awareness about the importance of adult animal adoption.


Wilfred - @wilfredwarrior

Wilfred is a cat with an underbite, and whilst he might not be the most conventionally attractive kitty on the cat tree, he's certainly one of the most relatable.


Garfi - @meetgarfi

Garfi's perpetually angry cat face is, ironically, enough to brighten anyone's day.


Lil Bub - @iamlilbub

Lil Bub, one of the world's most iconic cats, was rescued as a kitten and not expected to live for much longer. However, Bub survived for another eight years and, though she passed away in 2019, her owner continues to post photos of her, rasining over $300,000 for animal rescue charities.

Suki - @sukiicat

Suki is the coolest travelling cat on the web! Her Instagram is full of pictures of her exploring canyons, rivers, and mountains! This account will satisfy your cat cravings and your wanderlust at the same time!

James and Mya - @jamesandmya

James and Mya are both Russian blue cats who actually smile for the camera! In addition to their cheesy grins, their owner is very vocal about what it's like to own cats with different needs!

Alice and Finnegan - @pitterpatterfurryfeet

Alice and Finnegan, and their dog brother, Oliver, share an Instagram account that is packed with artsy photos and celebrations of special occasions. Their posts are unique and beautiful and are sure to get you double-tapping.


Zeus - @zeustherawcarnivore

Zeus is a gorgeous ragdoll cat whose account is about raw diets for cats, and taking the cutest, cuddliest photos!

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