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Top 10 Personalized Gift for Crazy Cat Lover

Holiday season is just round the corner. With holiday season comes the huge responsibility of buying gifts for your friends and families member. However, we are here to make this process less tedious for you. If you know someone who is a cat lover, we have got the perfect ideas for amazing cat related gifts for girls as well as guys.

Here are the top 10 personalized gift for crazy cat lover.

● Cat ears ring for $26

This 14 K gold filled ring with two little cat ears on top of it is too pretty to ignore. This unique ring is shipped worldwide and is available in all sizes. The ring comes in a super pretty jewelry box is an awesome gift for your feline loving friends.

● You’ve Gato a Cell phone stand for $21.99

This adorable phone stand is probably the cutest thing you will ever see. It is a perfect gift for any cat lover who is tech savvy. They can keep this phone stand at their office desk or in home. This phone stand will hold your phone securely and it can fit most of the smart phones. Aesthetically pleasing and a great value for money that you spend.

● Kikkerland Cat butt magnets (MG53) for $12.00

What can be a perfect gift that is quirky as well as super cute? A pack of cat butt magnets, for sure. These magnets come in a set of six but are also available in a set of 12 magnets for $31.96 only.The 6 magnet butts actually represent six different breed of cats. They are made of ceramic and can be used in home as well as office. These magnet butts are also available for dogs, whale and sharks.

● PyroPet-Candles Kisa candle for $33.99

Okay, this is officially the most bad ass gift you can give to any cat lover. From outside, it might look like an ordinary candle but once you light the wick, you'd be surprised. A metallic cat skeleton is revealed with fire burning in her eyes. The candle burns for about 20 hours and it comes in a beautiful box. The candle is available in three colors- black, gray and pink.

● Surprise cat coffee mug with baby cat inside for $28.98

This is in no way an ordinary coffee mug. Outside it has the word “meow” printed on it. Inside there is a baby cat hidden. The mug is made of dolomite and is absolutely dishwater safe for your baby cat to use.

● Kitchen chef’s Cotton Fur cat apron for $31.18

This beautiful apron is made of 100% cotton and is a beautiful holiday gift for all the cat loving chefs. It can be shipped worldwide from UK and is available in four colors - white, yellow, green and orange. So, if you know a cat person who loves cooking as much as he loves his cat, this would be the perfect gift for him.

● Cat hammock for $19.99

This piece of furniture is needed by every crazy cat lover in his life. It fits under any chair, one has to just tie it to the legs of a chair. It gives your cat a sleeping space, and makes your living room look less messy

● Catwalk picture hanger clips with 36 inch line for $10.19

This beautiful Catwalk picture hanger helps to keep the pictures, memos and notes in an organized manner. There are 8 cat clips in one pack and its made of silicone rubber. It also Comes in a super pretty gift box.

● Personalized cat necklace for $11.80

This gold-plated chain can be customized and the initial letter of the name of the person you want to gift it to can be added on it as well. This product is shipped worldwide and is a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

Personalized cat picture pillow for $29.00

Personalized Cat Picture Pillow

There can not be a more perfect gift that you can give to a cat lovers. Cat parents love their kids and to have their cat pictures on a pillow? there could be nothing better than this. The pillow is available in all sizes and all you have to do is upload the picture of the cat on the website and a mockup of pillow will be sent for your approval within 5 days.


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716 reviews
Lovely pillow

Thank you for our lovely pillow. We are impressed with the clarity of the photo. The material has a really nice soft feel to it too. The zip means we can add more stuffing if we need to. We would recommend this product to others

Cutest little keychain

We love our little pillow keychain of our furbaby Heidi. It looks just like the photo we submitted! The fabric is very nice and soft. It makes it extra cute that the keyring is heart shaped. Great personalized high quality item. Would make a great gift!

I’m obsessed!

Adorable & Squish
This keychain is ADORABLE! It’s like a mini pillow! The quality is high and shipping was fast as well. I love that there’s an picture on both sides! I love being able to take my dog with me anywhere I go! It makes me smile while I’m sitting in city traffic too :) I would definitely recommend this keychain to anyone who’s obsessed with their dog like me!

Love the custom keychain!

We love our keychain! Not only is the photo quality amazing, the custom shape takes it up a notch! It's also soft and pillow like, but feels very durable. It has a silky texture and is quite large so it's great if you have a messy purse like me and struggle to find your keys. We highly recommend this product. And it's key hook is heart shaped, which was a cute bonus. :)
In terms of shipping, it was actually much quicker than we expected so that was another added bonus. We also got a shipping and delivery notification. Also, the reverse is the same photo - not blank!! We are now thinking of getting another one with our second dog's photo too! Thanks Pawjoy!

Great little version of your pup!

Very easy to get a quality pillow keychain version of your pup! You just send in a good quality photo and they handle all the work from cropping the background out and then making a small pillow in the shape of the print of your pup! The pillow is very soft and it is made of quality materials. Even comes with a heart shaped keyring!