Top 10 Famous Siberian Huskies on Instagram 2020

Jun 25, 20
Top 10 Famous Siberian Huskies on Instagram 2020

1 @huskysquad featuring Tidus, Yuna, and Kimari (

Here are three hyper Siberian huskies on adventures, weather they are napping in front of a campfire, camping in a van, running through the woods, or showing love to their owners, this account displays an aesthetic view of three cute Siberian Huskies living their very best life!

2 @husky.nanouk featuring Nanouk


This account features a beautiful Siberian husky hiking mountains, seeing the incredible views, and sniffing flowers. What more could one want?! Enjoy the life of Nanouk and his beautiful adventures.


3 @blueridgehusky featuring Togo (

Togo the Siberian husky is a water loving husky! Togo goes on beach trips and plays in the crisp cool water, and the photography perfectly captures his happiness and joy as he plays in the water. Of course, like any of the other huskies, he goes on hikes to see great views and runs through green summer time fields at sunset.

4 @husky.athena featuring Athena (

Athena is a fun, silly, and attention seeking husky. She goes on many adventures and the photography captures her boat rides, beach trips, and flower sniffing!

5 @husky.snow.pack featuring Sasha, Mall, Flash, and Chewy (

This account features four energetic huskies living their very best life, weather it be a walk in the park or a dip in a cool lake. The four huskies, each with their own distinct personalities are a blast to follow, each post that appears in your feed is well worth the follow!

6 @thelegendofodin featuring Odin (

This Siberian husky account is the perfect combination of breathtaking photography with creamy glowing bokeh and a handsome husky. Odin is a professional model, looking handsome in all kinds of settings, flower fields, under a bridge, and even wearing a gigantic, bright and colorful flower crown that looks like a single sneeze would send it falling off!

7 @thehuskyjoey featuring Joey and Petee (

This account is well known and well deserved of all the love. Joey and Petee are silly huskies that love to go on sunset boat rides with their humans, sport pretty flower crowns, and sometimes they do all of the above at once, and look great doing it. They are just the best and most loving huskies you will ever love!

8 @wanderinghuskies featuring Star and Sky (

These huskies do just what the Instagram handle entails, they wander! They go on fun hikes and trips into the woods, they jump and run through tall grass, splash in puddles, and nap in the foliage, truly living their best husky life!

9- @floof_n_howl featuring Charlie and Enzo (

Charlie and Enzo are like the perfect Instagram duo. They go absolutely everywhere! They look over cliffs, see the ocean waves, and romp through the forest, wild and free as all huskies love to be.

10- @demontravels -featuring Demon and Iylah (

Demon and Lylah are like any other Instagram model, but dog Instagram models! They pose in pretty blooms, in front of sunsets, and even in the water. They look at home outside, regal and confident.

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