Top 10 Famous Labrador Retriever on Instagram 2020

Aug 06, 20
Top 10 Famous Labrador Retriever on Instagram 2020

 Who doesn't love labradors? Labradors are one of the most loyal and loving dog breeds.


No wonder there are so many Instagram accounts dedicated to these friendly guardians.


You have @labrador_lovers which has a relatively small following at 17.6k but features some really high-quality photos of labrador in lots of different poses. They don't get many comments but they make up for that in likes. Very professional photos.

Another smaller account is @labrador.devotion at 3.7k followers. These guys mainly focus on puppies and younger labradors. Again the likes are high but comments are low. This account is growing.

A bigger account in this niche is @labrador_._retriever. At 183k followers, these guys are huge! Very high engagement with comment and likes. Allot of work is put into the photos/videos and it shows. Really cute pics and allot of originality in the pictures too like dog costumes, dogs hugging, etc..

@labrador_mob is another grower with 78k followers. Some unique imagery and more puppy pics. Who doesn't love puppy pics? Great engagement too.

This one is very cute, @dogswiss. It is based around a dog called Nala. She is 4 years old and lives in the Swiss Alps. This is her life! All 868 posts. Nala is a superstar. Engagement is great for this account and the photography is Excellent, really classy. 100% original content too which fans really appreciate.

@labrador_of_ig houses some of the cutest labrador puppy pics out there. Good engagement for an account with around 200 posts.

This account has a webstore and everything! @retrieverslover25 showcases labrador videos and images, they have over 500 posts and are a growing account.

Another account selling labrador merch is @labradorzloves. They mainly showcase t-shirts and they look great. I actually like the combination of cute pics and original t-shirt designs based around the labrador niche.

This account is really sweet, It revolves around 2 labrador retrievers who are best friends. There also lots of other labradors pictured throughout the account. This also has a store to buy labrador merch. The likes are good for this account too but not many comments.

And lastly, I thought I would put in a smaller account which I think has big potential. It's called @homewithjuno and gives you a glimpse into the life of Juno the labrador puppy. The pics are fun, original and high quality. There are even some adorable videos. Juno is still a pup so this account is relatively new but like I said, I see big things for Juno.

There are a large number of labrador retriever accounts on Instagram but I think the list above gives a good representation of the top 10 in 2020. In general, I see a lot of high-quality labrador pics which get high engagement. Plus by adding videos this really boosts interaction and engagement. Labradors Retrievers are a great dog to own and a great dog to build a following around.

Here are all the IG accounts listed above :-)

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