Top 10 Famous Golden Retriever in Instagram 2020

Jun 24, 20
Top 10 Famous Golden Retriever in Instagram 2020

Golden Retrievers are famous for their adaptability and tolerance which make them the perfect family dog. This breed has become very popular in social media especially in Instagram thanks to the owners who decided to share content online.

Next, you have a Top 10 Famous Golden Retriever in Instagram 2020. Let's get started!



Moose is a therapy dog from Ohio born in 2016. You will surprise at how photogenic he is. Moose's account is full of funny videos of this big furry playing with his favorite red ball and splashing in the pool.



Riley is five years old Golden Retriever from Richmond, Virginia. Riley loves to play with his owners and dressing impressive costumes. What a totally love of this account are the videos of this angel jumping straight to the arms of his caregivers like a little kid.


Tucker is probably the funniest in this list. This Golden Retriever from Michigan is not only conquering Instagram, but also Youtube. This account posted videos of funny situations companied by the "thoughts" of the dog. The video of this adorable dog resisting from eating a tasty chicken is gold.


Louie lives in California and enjoys cuddling with the family's new baby, Milo. Like the rest of the dogs in this list, Louie looks phenomenal in every picture and enjoys sharing with his family. What is especial about Louie is that she seems sleepy all the time. So cute!



Colt is one of the newest on Instagram but he has been growing and becoming more and more famous. This naughty golden will make you laugh with his videos showing how he steal things and make a mess.


Carlito is a tropical golden who lives in Brazil and love splashing in the pool. This boy is six years old and is also a newbie in Instagram but his popularity is growing quickly. The pictures of Carlito with his partner Mel are totally lovely.



Howie is a golden retriever that loves to play outdoors. The videos and photos of this furry visiting the most beautiful places in Massachusetts always make me smile (and wish to visit those places too).


This account is a great offer, 2 for 1. These golden sisters named Ruby and Lola living in Colorado are always playing in the backyard and getting into trouble. The video of Lola and the squirrel and the one of Ruby enjoying a snow are the best.



We go back to Massachusetts to meet Gill. This two years old golden retriever is also a great canine model and loves playing with his frizzby. The TBTs of Potato Gill are the cutest things in this list.


Last but not least, we have a beautiful account managed with a photographer and featured by three golden retrievers. Here you won't find funny videos, but stunning pictures of the dogs with landscapes in the background. If you are a fan of nature and dogs, you will love this account.

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