Top 10 Famous French Bulldogs on Instagram 2020

Aug 05, 20
Top 10 Famous French Bulldogs on Instagram 2020

We all love French bulldogs. They're cute, funny, and they have a lot of personalities to offer! Let's go over ten of the most famous French bulldogs in 2020!


#1 Manny the Frenchie

This pooch is full of sass and class for days. He showcases heaps of love for his owner in his Instagram posts, and the world has gone wild over his cute escapades. He has also helped his owner raise over one hundred thousand dollars for charity through merchandising. He has over one million followers!

#2 Leo Redbone

This precious pooch has caught the hearts of many. With his gorgeous Instagram photos, many have fallen in love with his soulful eyes. In fact, so many have fallen in love with him that he has been listed as one of the top dogs in Great Britain.


#3 Benny the Frenchie

This pooch belongs to a celebrity agent, but he has started to belong to the hearts of his many Instagram followers. With hundreds of likes on each of his posts, it's hard to doubt his puppy stardom. He is featured in the media outside of Instagram as well, posing with his many fans and friends of his owner.


#4 Lola and Pepe

These two darling dogs have become a bit of a dynamic duo. These partners in crime have grabbed the attention of many with their good intentions and the sweet messages that accompany their photos on Instagram. With their photos netting thousands of likes per day, it is easy to see why they have become so very popular. These inseparable pups won't be leaving the Instagram scene for quite a while!

#5 Lord Dudley

This goofy yet regal French bulldog is a sight for sore eyes. His antics give his followers quite a laugh every day, and for good reason! His owner dresses him up in the sweetest of outfits, and his poses are absolutely golden.


#6 Zeus the Superhero

Zeus is a rare example of how wonderful and brave dogs can be. He is simply beautiful inside and out. He has inspired many with the story of how he lived for five days, abandoned and alone, in the deserts of Nevada before his owner found him and showed him the love he deserved.


#7 Oscar

This fashionista of a dog took the world by storm with his catchy and artistic flair on the Instagram scene. He has dabbled in modeling, fashion, and DJing, and he does it with such pizzaz that no one can question his stardom.


#8 Danger

Don't let this pup's name fool you. He is a warmhearted and fabulous LA native who has shared his devotions with the world. He uses his cute face and expert costumes to wow everyone that looks his way.


#9 Little Millicent

This sweetheart from down home in Texas has absolutely become an irresistibly cute part of Instagram.

#10 Monsieur Izo

Last but not least is Monsieur Izo. This pup struts his stuff and flaunts impeccable style on a daily bases and has become the top dog in Paris.

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