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Top 10 Active Pet Lovers Forum 2018

People who love their pets love to connect with other pet owners. They love to brag about and show off their pets. Like concerned parents, pet owners too have a million doubts and anxieties. Pet forums are a great way to find other like-minded pet owners and get your queries answered.
They offer advice, recommendations as well as reviews for pet products and much more. Many online pet communities publish informative articles on pet care by experts and professionals. You can also use these forums to look at funny dog pictures and cute cat pictures all day.

Here is a list of ten pet communities where you can connect with who love their pets as much as you do.

1. PetGuide

Hang out, chat, ask and answer questions and share pictures and videos of your dog in any of our dog forums. Its a place where pet lovers gather to discuss their fur babies. But its not just about dog forums – we’ve got forums for fish, cats, birds and other pets. On these forums and sites, you can chat with other pet owners and experts for advice, information, share experiences and opinions, or ask questions. Browse our list of pet forums and sites to find the right fit for your needs

2. Dogster

Our dogs shower us with a lot of gifts – love, loyalty, and at times – drool. It’s only fair to love and care for them in return. Dogster is the site that’s dedicated solely to our favorite canines.

The site is constantly buzzing with new information, tips, and tricks to take care of dogs. There are sections dedicated entirely to what you should/shouldn’t feed them, how you can train them, and keep them healthy and looking snazzy.

To go that extra mile, a section solely focuses on Puppies – growth, challenges, diet, and everything you can hope to find under one roof. The Pet forum packs all the threads into a neat and easy to navigate package, in which you can find all the information you need.

3. Cat Lovers Only

This is the perfect website for people who are owned by their cats. Cat Lovers Only has a huge online fan base. Their mission is to bring all cat lovers for the good of cats.

True to their mission, they frequently post articles on cat health, behaviors, lifestyle and products. This community inspires its members to be better cat lovers.

Members can share their cat pictures and cat stories here. You can get answers to almost all your cat queries here.

4. The Puppy 101 Reddit

Reddit has proved to be a great source of information on subjects of all kinds. The Puppy 101 Reddit is the place to discuss pretty much anything related to the young fur-balls. With a user-base of over 30,000 folks, there’s always some or the discussion going on, and new threads coming up faster than you can read. This proves to be a good place to ask your questions, with members trying best to share helpful insights.
And if you are just looking to discover different puppy stories and learn things for the future – dive into one of the many threads.
There’s also an entire Wiki section from the curators that teaches you almost all the basics of taking caring of your pup.

5. The Cat Site

The Cat Site has information on everything you need to know about cats like cat health, cat care, cat behavior, cat food, cat breeds, cat rescue, and cat fun.
They have a very active and extensive cat forum where members can ask, answer and about cat health, cat nutrition, cat behavior, care of pregnant cats and kitten, and so much more. This forum also encourages people who have lost a pet to share stories and memories of their pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

6. Petful

The Petful website isn’t dedicated to cats and dogs alone. Even though they mainly feature cats and dogs, Petful provides valuable information on other pets like ferrets, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, reptiles & amphibians, fish, and birds.
Petful is passionate about helping pets live happier lives. They have the most complete and updated list of dog food and cat food recalls. You can become a member to get free recall alerts. They have a very active forum for members where they are encouraged to discuss about cats, dogs,and other pets.

7. Petfinder

This online pet forum helps to connect waiting to be adopted pets with owners. Their mission is to end euthanasia of homeless pets. If you are planning to adopt a pet, you can go through their easily searchable database to find a companion. They have collaborated with over 14000 pet shelters and adoption agencies.
Besides adoption service, their website features blogs on amazing animals and their owners. You can also brush up on pet care information that is not restricted to dogs and cats alone. You can find a lot of articles and videos dedicated to pet care on Petfinder. Members are encouraged to ask any question regarding their pets which will be answered by their team.

8. Animal Planet

The name says it all. While most of us have known Animal Planet only as a source of cable video content, there’s more than just that. The Pet 101 section on the website is loaded with content of both basic & compelling tastes. It starts with guides on taking care of your beloved pets and talking about rules and regulations related to adopting & taking your pets with you on vacations. 
And before you know it, you’d feel like you’ve reached the Netflix of cats & dogs. There are entertaining videos that will keep you glued to the screen until your pet finally succeeds in stealing your attention. And as you look at them, you might probably say - “Hey buddy, do you want to do something fun?”

9. Best Friends

This organization is dedicated to taking care of animals who have been rendered homeless. Their website features stories of animals being rescued, found and taken in. Users with a soft-corner for animals can either adopt one of the many being hosted by Best friends or donate towards their care in any of the flexible formats.
Their work in form of the Sanctuary’ is especially praise-worthy, where they have taken in over 1,600 homeless animals, irrespective of breed or species. You can plan a visit to the sanctuary located in Utah if you’d like to walk amongst animals as they have fun, run around and feel at home. And who knows – you might return home with a new addition to your family.

10. PetMD

PetMD has an extensive knowledge base of information that can help you understand if something is wrong with your pet, what are they going through, and how to fix it in the best manner possible. The site’s content is created by veterinarians and is backed by scientific research and subject matter expertise. 
An entire section dedicated to nutrition gives the right and dependable advice on what’s best suited for your dear pet, and what should be absolutely avoided. The news section is frequently updated with articles that talk about pet care and carries news of product recalls of different brands.
The site’s knowledge base isn’t limited to cats & dogs and includes guides & information on reptiles & amphibians as well.

Pets can boost our physical and mental wellbeing. Be informed on how to take good care of them. If you are a pet lover, join one of these pet forums. It is a platform to inspire and be inspired by thousands of pet owners like you.

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