The Top 10 Famous Dachshund On Instagram 2020

Aug 09, 20
The Top 10 Famous Dachshund On Instagram 2020

 Dachshunds are known for being friendly and curious little dogs, with a great deal of character. No two are ever really the same. It seems that everyone is following a dog or two on a social media platform, and the dachshunds are no exception. We've put together a list of the Top 10 Famous Dachshund On Instagram In 2020 for you to follow:


1. Little Macaroni The Dachshund

This little blonde stubby tail is well known for her costumes. Our favorite dress up photo is of Macaroni in her superhero costume. There is

nothing cuter on the internet.


2. Kody The Dachshund

This little cinnamon colored boy has a best friend, a kitty named Kenny. Follow their adventures in cuteness, many of which involve taking naps



3. Honeydew The Dachshund

Honeydew The Dachshund is a chocolate and cream dapple colored dachshund. She stars with her sisters Holly and Hazelnut, and the best part

of their photo shoots are the hats and headbands. This may be the cutest trio in dachshund photo history.


4. Jaxie The Mini Ween

This miniature dachshund from Jacksonville is the playground puppy you need to know. Our personal favorite is the video from the playground,

and it will probably be your favorite also. The long haired piebald dachshund will steal your heart if you aren't careful.


5. Lou Lou And Coco

These adorable pups have their own YouTube channel, and it is broadcast live from the Netherlands. Find them at channel how-dachshunds-

look-underwater, and fall in love with these black and tan beauties.


6. Maya The Dox

This long haired blonde beauty has a brother named Winston that shares in her adventures. They also have a dachshund themed merchandise

shop,, that carries some of the cutest bows and flowers for photo ops with your own dachshund.


7. Gruffalo The Dachshund

This long haired chocolate girl pup takes a lot of pics at home and on the beach, and they are too cute for words.


8. Zada And Luna

A blue cream dapple and black cream dapple, along with their brother Odie, a red sable, this is the whole rainbow of dachshunds relaxing in the

pool, playing on the beach, and generally looking adorable and mischievous. They are all around hams for the camera, and you can see just

how much fun they have posing for the camera.


9. Dudley The Dachshund

Watch this chocolate and cream dapple guy grow from a tiny pup to a tiny little guy that loves his photo taken. Never have you seen a mini so

dapper as this handsome little man.


10.Gus And Gia

A black and tan and a red sable with the cutest bow ties and scarves in their wardrobe equal the duo you definitely want to follow.

With all of the colors and coats that dachshunds come in, you are sure to find a favorite of your very own out of this collection. We just follow all of them to ensure we don't miss any of the cuteness.

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