Can dogs get Covid-19?

Jun 16, 20
Can dogs get Covid-19?

With the current situation all over the world where the novel Covid-19 has disrupted and interfered with the normal lives of people, there are numerous questions asked about the disease. This is as people from all walks of life seek to get a better understanding of the virus and how it is transmitted to a person. One such question is whether or not dogs can get Covid-19, and if so, can they transmit it to man, the pet owners?

The Center for Disease Control argues that nothing can be affirmed in the present day because of limited information about the virus. This is even as the source of the virus and how it was spread to the first patient is yet to be established-even though they are assured it came from an animal source. Most of the information, therefore, from most of the health organizations are simply what is suspected to be a fact but not ascertained because of inadequate tests on the theories.

Dogs can test positive for Covid-19

If you own a dog, then one thing for sure is whether they can be infected with the coronavirus. The fact is, yes, they can contract coronavirus and mostly the one that is referred to as canine respiratory coronavirus. However, it is not much of a threat to animals as it is to man as their body systems are not affected by the virus as it affects the systems in a human body.

This is true as one dog in Chapel Hill, North Carolina tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is believed to be the first such case. However, when tests were done, later on, they were found to be negative as they showed that the dog might have never been infected with the coronavirus. The dog in this case could have been infected with the virus because of transmission from their owner, who had tested positive for the virus.

There are also similar cases in other parts of the world where dogs of Covid-19 positive patients tested positive but they showed mild symptoms. This shows that the pets can be infected with the virus, however, health officials stress that the transmission rate from man to animals is quite low and no evidence supports that they can spread the virus to other parties.

A theory that seems to be highly likely to be a fact is that the virus can be spread from people to animals-although in rare instances. However, the infection rate from people to animals is quite low, and hence why it is not a major issue. For your pet dog, which is a canine, they may be infected with some strain of coronaviruses that is only specific to animals and can’t spread to mankind-and may only affect felines too only.

On the other hand, the virus may be spread from people to animals, in this case, your pet dog, but this is a rare situation. This is after a test that was conducted for the virus and some tigers in the United States-although the transmission rate from people to animals is quite low.

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