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Apr 24, 18
50 Thoughtful Quotes about Losing a Dog | Pawjoy


A dog is a man's or woman's best friend. It is said that you never know true loyalty until you get a dog. Not only is he or she your protector, your dog is a friend in certain and uncertain times. A dog's friendship and support are unrivaled.


They can even know your state of inner emotion or health. As such, they can console you or warn your loved ones if you are in trouble. For these reasons, losing your dog can be extremely heartbreaking. If you have lost your dog or know someone who has, there are some dog loss quotes to alleviate the pain and restore the cherished memories made together.

• The only fault with dogs is that their lives are simply too short - Agnes Sligh Turnbull

• Very few people will go to heaven but many dogs will - James Thurber

• I am very lucky to have a dog that makes saying goodbye so difficult - Winnie the Pooh

• Your dog will bless you with the best days of your life and also with one of your worst when they're gone - Unknown

• Dogs will be in heaven long before any of us - Robert Louis Stevenson

• Having a dog makes you wealthy no matter how few items you own or paltry cash you have - Louise Sabin

• Should there be no dogs at all in heaven, I want to go where they went when I die - Will Rogers

• The dog which you have as a boy is your first teacher about friendship, love and death. My dog Old Skip died and was buried under an Elm tree in our yard. However, this quite untrue for he lay buried deep in my heart - William Morris

• If you have a great dog, and they die, life becomes diminished - Dean Koontz

• Dogs teach us how to love unconditionally - M.L. Gerard

• Despite not being our entire existence, dogs complete our lives - Roger Caras

• The most interesting thing about a dog is that if you make a fool of yourself, they won't scold you but make a fool of themselves too - Samuel Butler

• A man's heart can be judged by how he treats animals - Immanuel Kant

• Anything you do to entertain your dog looks foolish. It simply isn't in us to be entertaining to them. It is as if they exist to show how witless they aren't - Russell

• A dog's fidelity is a feeling that we can't find among human kind - Thomas Hardy

• All dogs were created by God to help keep us alive - Iwao Fujita

• On a fateful day, we will be reunited with our dogs in the eternity of Heaven. That's because all the creatures which God created are welcome into Paradise - Pope

• Until you care for and love a dog, a specific part of your soul remains dormant - Anatole France

• No one can love you as unconditionally as your pet - Cynthia S. Dobesh

• You never fully understand the meaning of love until you are owned by a dog - Gene Hill

• You never get over the loss of a dog. You grieve forever and never want to go back to the old you - Elisabeth Lubler-Ross.

• Keeping a dog creates misery because they die so soon. Thinking about it, if they lived for fifty years and then died, would we survive it? - Sir Walter Scott.

• There is rarely any pain so great as a memory of joy while dealing with the grief of losing your dog - Aeschylus.

• The most everlasting ties in this world is the bond with a dog - Konrad Lorenz.

• Going to heaven is by favor. If it were by merit, your dog would go in and you'd be left outside - Mark Twain.

• In some cases, losing your dog is more painful than losing a human because in the case of the dog, you were not pretending to love it - Amy Sedaris.

• If the evidence of having a soul is the ability to love, be loyal and have gratitude, then dogs are so much better than us - James Herriot.

• You never really own a dog, you simply rent them. So you better be grateful that you had a long lease - Joe Garagiola.

• If Heaven exists, then our dogs are there too because it would take much more than an archangel to detangle the bonds we hold with them - Pam Brown.

• When a dog comes into your life, it teaches you about love. When it leaves, it teaches you about loss. In both cases, your heart expands - Erica Jong.

• Our hearts bear pawprints left by the dogs that we have loved and lost - Unknown.

• Despite having four legs, a tail and a sharp bark, he deserved to be called more than a dog because he was a perfect gentleman - Hermione Gingold.

• A dog can love you more than you love yourself - Josh Billings

• Money can buy an excellent dog but for him to wag his tail, you have to love him - Kinky Friedman.

• The dog is the perfect subject for a portrait. He does not pose because he is not aware of the camera - Patrick Demarchelier.

• On the outer part of your dog, books are man's best friend. Insider the dog, it is simply too dark to read - Groucho Marx

• Prior to getting a dog, it is impossible to imagine life with him. After they are done, it is impossible to imagine life without him - Caroline Knapp.

• Your little dog is a heartbeat at your feet - Edith Wharton.

• No matter how you feel, a little dog will always love you - Waka Flocka Flame. 

• Your dog gives you total trust. You must never betray it - Michel Houellebecq.

• Compared to the average person, the average dog is nicer - Andy Rooney.

• Your dog appreciates the special genius of your conversations much more than you would believe - Christopher Morley.

• A dog can give you the permanent job of scratching him - Franklin P. Jones. 

• Falling in love with a dog gets you into a new universe where you learn new ways of developing and maintaining attachment - Caroline Knapp.

• There are 3 faithful friends that a man can have. These are an old wife, ready money and an old dog - Benjamin Franklin.

• When a dog looks at you, there is no judgment. He takes you as you are - Eckhart Tole.

• A dog lives for the day, the hour and even the moment - Robert Falcon Scott.

• If you want a friend, buy a dog - Gordon Gecko.

• A dog can show you how kind a human should be - Captain Beefheart.

• A dog has limitless enthusiasm and little sense of shame. Your dog should be your life coach - Moby.

A dog will be there for you when no one else is. When they pass on, it is heartbreaking. The dog loss quotes above can put a smile on your face and remind you of the good old, doggy times.



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