12 Heartwarming Gift Ideas to Help Those who Lost a Dog

May 04, 17
12 Heartwarming Gift Ideas to Help Those who Lost a Dog

Pet dogs have a way to form a really special endearing place in our hearts. They become our best buddies and partners, filling our days with joy and happiness. For most people, including me, they are a vital part of life. Without them, the world seems small, lonely and dark. It is truly heartbreaking to see your friend suffering from pet loss. However, there are ways you can make them feel special and better. I have compelled a wonderful, heart-warming list of pet sympathy gift ideas to make your close friends feel better.


Dog Remembrance Necklace

Especially for your female friends, just gift them a necklace that they can wear everyday. It can be something simple like the initials of dog carved on stone, or a cute photo attached in the form of a locket. This gift is highly customizable as you can use different metals depending upon your friend's taste. I am sure they will love it!

Urn for Dog Remains

Cremation is one way to preserve your best buddy forever with you. Gift your friend a paw printed urn, it does not really have to be expensive and can be a simple ceramic vase. If your friend plans to preserve the ashes, send an urn right away!

Memorial stone for Dog

One of my friend wanted to bury her dog in her backside garden. It was a Chihuahua and we both were really attached to her. So on her burial day I decided to gift my friend a simple memorial stone. It was shaped like a paw with the name crafted on it. She really loved it. Even after 3 years, the stone still rests there reminding us of the lovely chihuahua. So go ahead, and gift them a memorial stone!

Memorial key chain:

Key chains are very popular, we usually gift them to our loved ones. This time, take some moment to get crafted a customized key chain that reminds your friend of furry companion. It can be made from any material ranging from silver, metal or simple fabric.
Photo album:Do you own a collection of pictures of your friend with her dog? Well, why not make a photo album! It is really simple, you can make it yourself or get it done from any studio. It can have beautiful dog quotes at one side and photo on another.

Dog memory chimes

Does your friend love wind chimes? Send him a remembrance wind chime with a place to attach tags or photo of his beloved furry pet. This way he can remember whenever the wind chimes and feel like he is together with his dog at all times.
A beautiful bedside or hanging photo frame:Just like a photo album, you can also attach a dog's photo to the frame. The frame can be made in the same color as a dog or just wooden. Your friend can now keep that frame by her bedside or hang it on the wall.
Quilt or blanket with photos:Yes, you can sew together photos on a beautiful custom made quilt and gift that to her friend. Not a sewer? Just buy it from Amazon! What is better than your friend surrounded by his dog's memories as he sleeps.

Stuffed Toy that sounds like his dog

Stuffed toys are great! You can cuddle them and feel warm. Just gift a stuffed toy like her dog, as an add on you can make it sound like his real pet. A tad bit more expensive, but nevertheless a superb way to make your friend feel special.

Online Dog Memorial

In today's online world, you can hold a memorial for your friend's pet on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just post it on her profile and tag her! That way a lot more people can join and make your friend feel better.

Cast Bronze or Silver Pet Angelic Urn:

Why not remind your friend that our furry companions go to a beautiful heavenly place. Angelic urns crafted into shape of dog is the perfect gift! It will be everlasting and comfort her whenever she sees it.

Paw mugs and paw plates:How about gifting your friend a paw mug or plate. Get the name engraved on the cup and whenever your friend decides to have morning coffee, she can remember her furry friend and feel better.

A collection of videos and pictures:

You can also send your friend a collection of video and pictures! That way she can watch and listen to them on dog birthdays, anniversary and other special days.
I hope you all loved these creative ideas. So go ahead and help out your friend, they need you at this time!

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