10 Ways to Remember Pets That Have Passed Away on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Apr 20, 18
10 Ways to Remember Pets That Have Passed Away on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

August 28th is the date we celebrate the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, to remind us our beloved pets who died, leaving us a great emptiness and deep sorrow. 

Introduced by the Rainbow Bridge organization, it takes on an old tradition of commemorating our pets who died with the same care and consideration we bring to our deceased family members. Here are 10 ways to remember our pets that have died on rainbow bridge Remembrance Day.

1. Create a monument in his honor

Creating a monument in honor of your pet can be a good way to remember it. Even if you do not have lot of money to make a sculpture in effigy of your missing pet, you can simply use an object that belonged to it. This object may be its favorite toy, or you can make an accessory (necklace, bracelet) with its necklace.You can also order a plush that looks like your pet. If you have incinerated your pet and recovered its ashes, you can, if you have the means, make it a diamond, a monument that will remain forever.

2. Adopt a new pet

Many stray pets with no family are collected each year by some associations. Some people who can no longer take care of their pets sometimes give them to a refuge. You can give to one of that pets the opportunity to become your own by adopting it. You can even find a pet that looks like the one you lost, it will be as if your lost dog had returned to watch over you.

3. Volunteering

If you have lost your pet and you no longer want to adopt a new one, you can go to shelters and volunteer. Helping those animals that are in need will give you balm to the heart. And even if you do not change your mind about adopting another, this gesture could enjoy your life.

4. Create a digital memorial for your pet

You can use your social networks, or the Rainbow Bridge memorial site to erect a digital monument for your died pet. Share the memories you had with it, those moments that will remain forever in your hearts. You can put a picture of it on your profile in honor of that day when he left you, so that no one forgets that it was an important part of your life.

5. Make a donation

There are many associations that collect abandoned pets, and also take care of handicapped animals. These associations are often nonprofit but spend a lot of money to care for these animals. You can give them a donation, whether in kind or in cash, to help them in their initiative, in memory of your missing pet, because you would have liked someone to take care of it if you were gone.

6. Write and publish a book

If you have a penchant for writing and have experienced the loss of a pet that you loved very much, you can write a book that tells about the happy life of your pet and how you experienced it death. You can then publish it on the Remembrance Day. This could help other people to live well the loss of their pet.

7. Create a souvenir album photo

If you have taken the habit of taking pictures of your pet, moments that you have lived together, you can make a photo album with your children. You can flick this album whenever you want, and precisely on Remembrance Day to remind you of the moments you have spent with your missing animal.

8. Watch your old video

Do you still take videos of the important moments of your life? Your died pet is certainly part of it. You can take out these videos and watch them alone or with your family, for your memories of these moments spent together.

9. Organize a party

You can organize with your friends a little party to commemorate the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. Invite other people to come with their pet, it will be an opportunity for them to share a good time and create links. This will show your lost dog, and also to those who are present that you love them and that you spend time with them. Prepare them small dishes, discuss together and share the experience that you live with your pet, so you will learn new things that can be useful to you.

10. Get tattooed

If you are a tattoo fan, you can get your dog's face tattooed. This will represent an indelible memory of your lost pet.

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